Disrupting old business models: the story of a ser

【ServerlessConf Tokyo】Disrupting old business models: the story of a serverless startup by Sam Kroonenburg & Peter Sbarski - A Cloud Guru

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掲載日: 2016/10/13

A Cloud Guru is a completely serverless online learning platform that connects 50,000+ users in real-time, using AWS Lambda, Firebase and a huge array of 3rd party cloud services.

We’ll tell the story of building a completely serverless company, and how this approach has literally fueled our business model, and enabled us to disrupt the training industry.

We’ll explain the 5 principles you should following when adopting serverless architectures, and walk through real-world examples of each from our platform.

Expect to hear about AWS Lambda, Firebase, Auth0, CloudSearch, Elastic Transcoder, S3, CloudFront CDN and lots of JavaScript!